Contest Results

2023.06.18Kirkby Lonsdale Entertainment ContestMorecambe Brass Band19Andrew Porter
2023.02.26North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe Brass Band22Andrew Porter
2022.09.18National FinalsMorecambe Brass Band313David Johnston
2022.06.19Kirkby Lonsdale Entertainment ContestMorecambe Brass Band1Andrew Porter
2022.02.27North West Area (Fourth Section)Morecambe Brass Band15Andrew Porter
2020.02.23North West Area (Fourth Section)Morecambe Brass Band5Andrew Porter
2015.03.01NW Area championship sectionMorecambe512Andrew Warriner
2014.03.09North West Area (First Section)Morecambe514Andrew Warriner
2014.02.02Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (First Section)Morecambe31Andrew Warriner
2014.01.18Butlins Mineworkers (First Section)Morecambe1420Andrew Warriner
2013.09.29Fleetwood Contest (Championship Section)Morecambe11Andrew Warriner
2013.09.22National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final)Morecambe1511Andrew Warriner
2013.03.10North West Area (First Section)Morecambe214Andrew Warriner
2013.02.03Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (First Section)Morecambe22Andrew Warriner
2013.01.19Butlins Mineworkers (First Section)Morecambe26Andrew Warriner
2012.10.07Fleetwood Contest (Championship Section)Morecambe31Andrew Warriner
2012.02.26North West Area (First Section)Morecambe711Andrew Warriner
2011.11.20Northern Open (Second Section)Morecambe11Andrew Warriner
2011.09.24National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final)Morecambe616Andrew Warriner
2011.02.27North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe19Andrew Warriner
2010.10.03Fleetwood Contest (Championship Section)Morecambe31Andrew Warriner
2010.05.28Heyrod (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band16
2010.05.28Aldwinians (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band9
2010.05.28Mossley (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band11
2010.05.28Droylsden (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band15
2010.05.28Tame Valley (Dukinfield) (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band18
2010.05.28Hurst (Ashton United) (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band20
2010.05.28Stalybridge Celtic (Whit Friday)Morecambe Brass Band24
2010.03.14North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe410Andrew Warriner
2010.02.07Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Second Section)Morecambe5Andrew Warriner
2009.11.15Wilkinson Northern Open (Section B)Morecambe2Andrew Warriner
2009.10.04Fleetwood Contest (Second Section)Morecambe5Andrew Warriner
2009.03.01North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe519Andrew Warriner
2009.02.10Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Third Section)Morecambe3Andrew Warriner
2008.03.09North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe717Andrew Warriner
2008.02.03Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Third Section)Morecambe64Andrew Warriner
2007.03.11North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe61Chris Larder
2006.03.12North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe1014Chris Larder
2003.03.09North West Area (Second Section)Lancashire Life Morecambe4Andrew Warriner
2002.09.22National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final)Lancashire Life Morecambe67Andrew Warriner
2002.03.10North West Area (Second Section)Lancashire Life Morecambe2Andrew Warriner
2001.10.27Pontins (Third Section)Lancashire Life Morecambe6Andrew Warriner
2001.09.22National Finals (Third Section)Lancashire Life Morecambe1Andrew Warriner
2001.03.11North West Area (Third Section)British Energy Morecambe2Andrew Warriner
2000.03.12North West Area (Second Section)British Energy Morecambe1115Andrew Warriner
1999.03.14North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe12Andrew Warriner
1999.02.07NWABBA Contest (Championship Section)Morecambe4Andrew Warriner
1998.03.08North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe (Nuclear Electric)12Steve Tarry
1998.02.01NWABBA Contest (Championship Section)Morecambe2Steve Tarry
1997.03.09North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe8Steve Tarry
1996.03.10North West Area (First Section)Morecambe106Steve Tarry
1995.03.12North West Area (First Section)Morecambe Nuclear Electric92Steve Tarry
1994.03.13North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe (Nuclear Electric)54Steve Tarry
1993.09.15National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final)Morecambe (Nuclear Electric)3Steve Tarry
1993.03.14North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe2Steve Tarry
1992.03.22North West Area (Second Section)Morecambe2Steve Tarry
1991.10.05National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final)Morecambe (Marsden Building Society)7Steve Tarry
1991.03.24North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe Marsden Building Society2Steve Tarry
1990.03.24North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe Marsden Building Society7Steve Tarry
1990.02.11NWABBA Contest (Second Section)Morecambe6Steve Tarry
1989.03.19North West Area (Third Section)MorecambeSteve Tarry
1988.03.27North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe Marsden Building SocietySteve Tarry
1987.10.03National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Morecambe (Marsden Building Society)5Steve Tarry
1986.11.01Whitehaven Content (Class C)Morecambe Brass Band14Steve Tarry
1986.10.25Pontins (Fourth Section)Morecambe & Heysham SilverSteve Tarry
1986.10.19Preston District Contest (Section C)Morecambe Brass BandSteve Tarry
1986.10.04National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Morecambe & Heysham SilverSteve Tarry
1986.03.28Pontins Southport (Fourth Section)Morecambe & Heysham3Steve Tarry
1986.03.02NW Area (4th Section)Morecambe Brass Band310Steve Tarry
1986.01.26Rochdale (Section B)Morecambe Brass Band44Steve Tarry
1985.11.17Pilkington Northern Open (Section B)Morecambe Brass Band22Steve Tarry
1985.11.02Whitehaven Contest (Class C)Morcambe & Heysham15Steve Tarry
1983.03.27North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe & HeyshamJ. F. Fleming
1982North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe & HeyshamJ. F. Fleming
1981.03.29North West Area (Third Section)Morecambe & HeyshamJ. F. Fleming
1980.09.21Settle Rotary Club ContestMorecambe And Heysham112J. F. Fleming
1980.05.11Hardraw ScarMorecambe And Heysham14J. F. Fleming
1979.05.06Hardraw ScarMorecambe & Heysham1J. F. Fleming
1979.04.01North West Area (Fourth Section)Morecambe & Heysham311J. F. Fleming
1978.09.24Settle Rotary Club ContestMorecambe And Heysham1J. F. Fleming
1978.05.14Hardraw ScarMorecambe And Heysham47J. F. Fleming
1978.04.02North West Area (Fourth Section)Morecambe & Heysham6J. F. Fleming
1977.05.08Hardraw ScarMorecambe And Heysham313J. F. Fleming
1977.02.13NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section)Morecambe & Heysham4J. F. Fleming
1976.05.09Spring Festival (Junior Cup)Morecambe and Heysham Silver20J. F. Fleming
1976.05.02Hardraw ScarMorecambe & Heysham66J. F. Fleming
1975.05.10Spring Festival (Junior Cup)Morecambe and Heysham Silver17J. F. Fleming
1975.03.29Pontins (Fourth Section)Morecambe and Heysham SilverJ. F. Fleming
1973.05.05Spring Festival (Junior Cup)Morecambe and HeyshamJ. F. Fleming
1972.05.06Spring Festival (Junior Cup)Morecambe and HeyshamJ. F. Fleming
1971.05.08Spring Festival (Junior Trophy)Morcambe & Heysham Borough10J. F. Fleming
1970.05.09Spring Festival (Junior Trophy)Morecambe and Heysham BoroughJ. F. Fleming
1964.05.09Spring Festival (Junior Trophy)Morecambe Borough